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How has real estate adapted to Covid-19?

Our main focus is to keep you safe, while helping you through your real estate transaction. Click the video to learn more about how real estate has changed during Covid-19.

Covid-19: Video

Recommendations for Sellers

  • If you have travelled recently or have symptoms of COVID-19, tell your Realtor Turn on all lights

  • Leave interior doors open

  • Sanitize all door handles after showings

  • For your safety, open houses will not be used as a marketing tool

  • Multiple offer situations will be handled through email and teleconferences Feature sheets will be provided to Buyers electronically

  • Notify your Realtor if you become ill within two weeks of a showing Avoid handshaking and practice social distancing measures

Covid-19: Text

Recommendations for Buyers

  • Tell your Realtor in advance of showings if you travelled, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or have any symptoms of COVID-19

  • Travel in a separate vehicle from your Realtor

  • Avoid handshaking and practice social distancing measures

  • Only enter the home with the minimum amount of people. Children are advised not to attend. Use hand sanitizer prior to entering each property

  • Do not touch anything in the property (keep hands in your pockets to help remember) Leave all light switches on

  • Let your Realtor open all doors and patios (I have gloves) Do not sit on furniture

  • Do not use the washroom

  • Use hand sanitizer after departing each property

  • Buyers should only attend the final portion of the home inspection to be shown issues and debriefed. Notify your Realtor immediately if you become ill within two weeks of a showing

Covid-19: Text
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