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Curb Appeal

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Curb appeal is what the Buyer sees when they first view your property; whether driving by or online. This instant impression determines whether they either can see themselves living there or should move on to the next one. Poor outside curb appeal will immediately give the Buyer a type-cast impression of the inside. If you did not take care of the outside, have you taken care of the inside?? This will limit the number of Buyers who choose to view your property.

Buyers are looking for a property with great curb appeal. This includes; lawn, walkways, garden, trees and shrubs, exterior paint and finishing, etc.

Some inexpensive ways to increase your curb appeal would be to cut your grass, plant some flowers, trim your shrubs and hedges, and wash the windows and exterior of your house. You should also take photos of your exterior when it shows its best, likely in the spring or summer, even if you plan to sell in winter.

You only have a few seconds to give the Buyer an impression of your home. Great curb appeal will undoubtedly increase viewings. Remember, you don’t get a second chance on a first impression!

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