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Military Relocations

"Whether posted in or out we can help! "

Military transfers are a large part of business for both John, David and Megan.  John continues to be one of the most recognized and respected military relocation agents in Kingston. Since 1988, John has been an approved relocation agent helping to relocate many of our military families.

Should you be posted to our great city, we work closely with you from start to finish, from picking you up at the airport, to booking your hotel room, to getting a rental car.  We are supported by a top-notch group of financial lenders, lawyers and home inspectors ready to assist you through the process.  We make your HHT easy and worry-free. 

If a posting is in your near future, please contact John, David or Megan. They have the information and the connections to make your house-hunting trip efficient, but enjoyable! Don't want to come in person? They also offer virtual HHTs. Ask for details.

These pictures represent events John has sponsored and are not meant to be an endorsement in any way by DND.

Our Commitment to Helping the Military

For the past several years, John has been dedicated to helping the Military in many different ways. John continues to be a strong supporter of the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (KMFRC), with John currently acting as Honorary Director of Fundraising. We are proud to highlight the positive support KMFRC shows towards its Military members. To help raise awareness and funds for the KMFRC, John sponsors various events throughout the year.

In partnership with the Kingston Frontenacs Hockey Club, John annually organize two special Military awareness games, the November Remembrance Day game and the February Military Appreciation game. To honour our Military, the Frontenacs wear their CADPAT uniforms at both games and each event includes a special pre-game ceremony and puck drop by a Military dignitary.

In recognition of their strong support and commitment to the Military, John and his wife, Heather, were honoured to receive two prestigious Commendations in 2015, one from the RMC Commandant, now Lieutenant General, Al Meinzinger and one from CFB Kingston Base Commander, now Major General (Ret’d) Francois Chagnon.  

Most recently, February 21, 2020, John and Heather received the 2020 Kingston Frontenacs Community Champion Award in recognition of championing military causes with the Kingston Frontenacs. John and Heather continue to be a positive influence in building a strong relationship between the military and the Kingston community.

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